Amiina – The Lighthouse Project

Picture of Amiina – The Lighthouse Project
CD AMIINA06 (Amiina,2013)


A new mini-album release from the fabulous Amiina documents their music making trip to a lonely lighthouse to record in the unusual surroundings. Another fascinating example of the unique soundworld from the former collaborators of Sigur Rós.


„The Lighthouse Project is an incredible escape from your surroundings, and beyond that, it’s the most magically subtle, sweet, and seductive collection of compositions we’ve heard for a long time.“ - The Line of Best Fit : 8/10


 „But it's on The Lighthouse Project that you feel the conceptual idea and the aural reality have come together in a way that makes this album a particularly special one. The sparsity of sound, decorated with warm chimes and the diverting dalliances of a dreamy saw, take you to the pastoral splendour of a magical faraway place as you listen to these recordings, ...“ - The Quietus


„The Lighthouse Project is sonically as humble as it is vulnerable, and that is all part of the attraction.“ - Drowned in Sound : 7/10


„While The Lighthouse Project might not be up to the quality and beauty of their 2007 debut, Kurr (a classic of whatever genre it is), this mini-album nonetheless shows distinction and class.“ - The Irish Times : 4/5


„The Lighthouse Project is a delightfully quirky album that reminds you of how you first fell in love with their distinctive post-rock enchantments. Though most of us can only hope to see amiina play in such an unusual setting, listening to The Lighthouse Project brings you a little bit closer to sharing an intimate space with their delicate sound.“ – Killer Ponytail


 „...if you are in dire need of escapism from your hectic, hectic life but can’t afford a holiday then I have a solution for you. Simply buy this EP, sit down and let the world turn without you for 21 stress-free, unburdened, wonderful minutes.“ - 7Bit Arcade


The Independent : 4/5