Evil Madness - Evil Madness

CD 12T033 (12 Tónar, 2006)


1. Grotesque Insideness

2. Understanding the Monster

3. Tremendously Sick Horror Art Poetry (A Fete in Dismumblement)

4. A Bizarre Conceptual Element

5. So Successfully Evil

6. The Pornography of Hunger

7. Confused Television Personality

8. A Group of Women Chanting Together

9. The Noise of Tank-Engines and Gongs Preamble to Camp Fukamok and the STD Gang Watcher Club

10. A Sudden Moment of Private Demonic Psychodrama

11. Horrific and Dreamlike Violence Mixed with Unexpected Activity

12. Inspired by Long Hours of Continous Repetitive Deep Irritations and Uncontrollable Agony

13. An Unfamiliar Plant (Wake to Find Hands Missing)