Grísalappalísa – ALI

Picture of Grísalappalísa  – ALI
CD 12T060 (12 Tónar, 2013)


We are thrilled to release the debut album of the fresh and in your face Grísalappalísa on the 12 Tónar label.


Grísalappalísa was founded in 2012 by Gunnar Ragnarsson (former front man of Jakobínarína) and Baldur Baldursson. Together they recruited a group of their friends that are all well-seasoned musicians from the Icelandic grassroot scene; Bergur Thomas Anderson & Rúnar Örn Marínósson from Oyama, Tumi Árnason & Albert Finnbogason from The Heavy Experience and Sigurður Möller from Jakobínarína. The group was founded on the idea of writing razor-sharp lyrics firmly rooted in the Icelandic literary tradition and blending them with the bands raw kraut- and punk rock cocktail. The result of this mixture can be heard on the band’s debut album, ALI, that was released this summer under the flag of the 12 Tónar label. ALI can be described as a concept-album where the lyrics weave the songs together, a wild ride where the listener follows troubled and desperate storytellers through dark alleys of downtown Reykjavík in search of self-purpose, love and above all Lísa, whom they cry out for wherever they roam. The album is a fine mix of punk, guitar pop, kraut rock, exsperimental heavy metal and psychadelia, and even some proggy saxophone in the spirit of King Crimson. The album has received good reviews and is a humoristic and powerful addition to the Icelandic music scene.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard such depth in discussion on the young male condition, and as much playfulness with the Icelandic language in rock music. Consider the scene stormed.” + Reykjavík Grapevine


“Iceland’s instant wonder band. … Ragnarsson and Baldursson bark out the lyrics over a clipped, guitar-driven chug with shades of motorik, Killing Joke, Belfegore and Talking Heads. But it all coalesces to sound like nothing else.” Kieron Tyler


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