Hamlette HOK - Vikartindur

Picture of Hamlette HOK - Vikartindur
CD 12T012 (12 Tónar, 2011)


Finally, the long awaited debut album of Hamlette HOK – aka Helgi Hauksson – is released on 12 Tónar. It’s been more than six years in the making, as can be seen by the early catalogue number of 12T012, specially reserved for the epic project of Víkartindur. Hamlette HOK, a master guitarist and multi-instrumentalist (and a former employee of 12 Tónar), well known from the experimental scene in Reykjavík and from his performances with Bíllinn, INRI and the legendary jazz-impro-noise group Graupan, launches a completely new sound onto the shores of the Icelandic musical life. His approach to the music on Víkartindur mirrors the fate of the unlucky vessel with the same name, which famously stranded in the south of Iceland in 1997. Hamlette HOK’s unique music: Free and floating like a wreck, an Amazon of percussive sounds and monster riffs drifting in and out of the mix, with 10000’s tons of bass notes anchoring the perfect requiem to a once mighty giant. There is nothing like it.