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The wonders of the Auroras are difficult to experience, normally only visible in arctic regions and at the Antartica. Now they are at your fingertips! In this up-coming film the Aurora Borealis and the unique scenery of Iceland are captured in a mesmerizing way. This is a non-narrative film but the Auroras can speak to you in their own way.

The film was shot in more than 50 different locations around Iceland and put together from over 100.000 individual RAW High Res images. The film will be available in full HD and 4K resolution, on dvd and digital download in the fall of 2014.

The film is a Borgarmynd Design Studio and Trailerpark Studios coproduction. The music in the film is specially scored by three different composers, Pétur Jónsson at Anthemico Records, a two man band called Kajak and the music producer Yagya.

The majority of the film was shot in the winter of 2013/2014, but there are also parts that are shot over a time period of 3 years, from 2011-2013. The oldest shots are produced by Pétur Kristján Guðmundsson, and some of them are featured in his full feature film “Heild”. Pétur and Snorri have been friends and each others fans for a number of years and it was Pétur that inspired the photographer Snorri to have a go with timelapse photography. Soon there after, Arnþór and André joined in on in the project which started taking it´s final shape in spring 2014.

One of the first timelapse sequences that Snorri shot was the Hraunfossar sequence. After that there was no turning back, the magic of the Aurora framed by beautiful surroundings was simply something that had to be documented. We set ourselves a certain goal at the beginning of the winter, a sort of like our own quality manifesto. It was in our opinion not enough to just catch beautiful Aurora displays of all shapes and colors, but each frame had to look beautiful and be good in itself, even though there wouldn´t be any Aurora. Correctly exposed foregrounds and thought out compositions were a must in our opinion. Aurora photography often tends to focus on the lights themselves and at most a silhouette of the landscape. In many ways that´s understandable, given that the Aurora can be mesmerizing all on it´s own. But to make a whole film interesting, there´s gotta be more than just pretty lights dancing in the sky. After spending more than 90 nights outside over the wintermonths, and over 100.000 frames from appr.60 locations and 200 recorded timelapse scenes later, we finally ended up with enough interesting material to make up a film.

This film is not a representation of reality, we´re dealing with a hyper-reality. Timelapse sequences are put together from thousands of images and usually each second of video is equal to appr. 3-5 minutes in realtime on average.

The film is all shot on Canon dslr cameras; Canon 5d mark2 & 3, Canon 6d, Canon 550d and a wide range of Canon L-series and Zeiss Distagon lenses. Apart from that a wide array of pan/tilt heads, motorized dolly tracks, tripods, 6 different cars, good cakes and truckloads of coffee and tea made this film possible.

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