Kammerkór Suðurlands - Kom Skapari / Come Creator

Picture of Kammerkór Suðurlands - Kom Skapari / Come Creator
CD SMK89 (Smekkleysa, 2017)


Kom skapari – a beautiful new recording of Icelandic choral music

We are pleased to announce a new release from one of the finest Icelandic choirs: Kammerkór Suðurlands – The South Iceland Chamber Choir. Featuring world premier compositions by eleven Icelandic composers, this project was conceived by the director of the choir, Hilmar Örn Agnarsson (former bass player of the legendary new wave/rock band Þeyr), who wished to bring together "different worlds and musical genres” while also using the studio as a “third instrument”, thus allowing for overdubs and other studio tricks. The album was recorded in Hveragerðiskirkja (the church of Hveragerði) and Sundlaugin (Swimming Pool), the old studio of Sigur Rós. Recording and artistic direction was in the hands of Kjartan Sveinsson, formerly of Sigur Rós, who also contributes two songs.

The composers whose music is heard on this CD are:

Páll Ragnar Pálsson

Vala Gestsdóttir

Georg Kári Hilmarsson

Benedikt H. Hermannsson (Benni Hemm Hemm)

Ragnhildur Gísladóttir

Magga Stína

Kjartan Sveinsson

Bára Grímsdóttir

Páll frá Húsafelli

Snorri Hallgrímsson


Highly recommended!