Various Artists – Kitchen Motors Family Album

Picture of Various Artists – Kitchen Motors Family Album
CD 12T027 (12 Tónar, 2006)


Kitchen Motors came to be in the year of 1999 and dealt in cross-tinkerings between artists from various fields of music, visual arts and theatre, paying great attention to preserving a sense of wonder and curiosity. 12 Tónar worked closely with Kitchen Motors from the beginning, and this co-operation is documented in this compilation CD called The Family Album. All the artists on The Family Album have worked with Kitchen Motors in one way or another through the years.

The idea for this curious compilation arose in 2004 at Kitchen Motors’ 5th birthday concert in an abandoned fishnet factory in Reykjavík – an event that spanned over 8 hours of unique performances/installations created especially for the occasion. The incredible creative spark manifested on this day became the ignition for the Family Album, as well was the need to create a strong document of the adventurous side of the Icelandic music scene today.

The album makes a strangely consistent whole, given the colorful range of artists on it – a twenty something noise kid, and a 77-year-old grandma of lo-fi-pop side by side, demonic techno and childlike music box-tralla la hand in hand. There’s an air of playfulness and friendship all through the album, a warm sensation that was always the main generator of Kitchen Motors.

Except for 2 songs, these tracks have not been released before and some artists are even appearing here for the first time on a record, namely Frakkur who usually plays with a band called Sigur Rós but has not released any solo stuff until now and mister illi vill who makes music with múm, to name a few.