Various Artists – This is Icelandic Indie Music

Picture of Various Artists – This is Icelandic Indie Music
CD RECD022 (Record Records, 2013)


Our friends at Record Records released their label sampler, This Is Icelandic Indie Music, a new compilation that‘s a great discovery tool for every Icelandic music enthusiast. This Is Icelandic Indie Music spans twelve tracks by twelve artists that have put significant marks on the Icelandic music landscape over the last few years.


Track list:
1. Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart
2. Retro Stefson – Glow
3. Kiriyama Family – Sneaky Boots
4. FM Belfast – We Are Faster Than You
5. Moses Hightower – Sjáum hvað setur
6. Ojba Rasta – Hreppstjórinn
7. Sykur – Reykjavík
8. Tilbury – Drama
9. Mammút – Salt
10. Agent Fresco – Implosions
11. Ensími – Aldanna ró
12. Lockerbie – Esja